Salsa Di Parma (11.5 oz.)
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This delicious condiment has more than one purpose. Not only is it an awesome dip or spread, it is a fabulous jar of flavor that, by itself, enhances any recipe.

All of the chopping, grating, mincing and shredding has been done for you, by hand, with only the highest quality ingredients.

Whether you are already a chef de cuisine, or a novice in the kitchen, this delicious little jar is your secret to creating a masterpiece meal. Some of these fabulous recipes require only one ingredient plus Salsa Di Parma.

The flavors are so complementary of each other. Imagine imported cheese, fresh herbs, delicate olive oil from Italy swirling in a jar and then creating a great meal.

Gift Wrap Kit

Kit includes branded gift bag, tissue paper, ribbon and wooden serving spoon.

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